Cascina Vignole Montafia Asti

The donkey race at Montafia.

A highlight in Piemont region.

This is Christopher doing the donkey race:


on the first Sunday in October there is a donkey race in Montafia. There the “Rioni” from Montafia and other neighboring villages run with their donkeys, one each, a “corsa delgi asini” for the best price and also to show their strength they are young men from the village but sometimes the donkey does not want to run and so it becomes very, very funny for the spectators, the loser then has to swallow a salty anchovy, but is rinsed out with sufficient red wine and then a lavish feast begins with local dishes cooked by the mums and celebrated with music and dance, here only Piedmontese spoken, sung and laughed a lot.


Montafia a small village with 900 inhabitants, is located on a beautiful hill 3 km from the Cascina Vignole, where you can drink an espresso or a glass of wine in the bar, on Monday morning a small market and there you will find an apoteke a butcher Bakery Tabacchi etc. The village church where the mass takes place every Sunday at eleven and where the residents then meet on the piazza to talk.


There is a beautiful old Romanesque church at the cemetery